July 13

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Power Strips

1) Don’t Use Them Near Water

Okay, that may seem like a no brainer. But using any electrical device, outlet, cable, etc near water can spell danger. Water is a fairly great conductor and when mixed with water you’re setting yourself up for a shock. Literally. This can also create a significant fire hazard among other not so great outcomes. Simply don’t use near water. Period.

2) Don’t use with damaged cords or devices

Since the invention of electricity we’ve known that it should be treated with respect. Using damaged cables or devices with any power strip (or simply just using them) is a recipe for disaster. Protect yourself and your property – don’t use damaged cords or devices in any outlet especially power strips.

3) Don’t plug in high draw devices into a power strip

High draw devices like refrigerators, space heaters, and the like are terrible candidates to plug into a power strip. Simply not all power strips are made the same and their internal circuitry (or even wire gauges) may simply not be enough to handle the load. This can cause fires and other terrible outcomes.

4) Discontinue use if it gets hot

A hot power strip is an unhappy power strip. Hot power strips signal that it’s under too much load and is an early warning sign of a major fire hazard. Immediately stop using a power strip if it feels warm or hot to the touch.

5) Don’t plug in more power strips into a power strip

I get it, sometimes you just have too many things to plug in. But never daisy chain (or connect multiple strips to a single power strip). These devices are not designed to carry that much load and you could be setting yourself up for disaster. If you have a lot of devices to plug in we highly recommend consulting a trained electrician to ensure you’re not drawing too much load or otherwise provide a solution for your electricity needs.


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