August 18

Do your breakers keep, breaking?

All modern houses, apartments, condos, etc have these breaker boxes. And you may have been forced to make repetitive trips to it to reset a tripped breaker.

And we all know that can get annoying. But what is the breaker box and why might it be constantly tripping?

What is your breaker box?

Your breaker box is an important safety device that operates by severing the flow of electricity in a circuit when that said circuit becomes overloaded.

In short, this device keeps your house from burning down. Electricity is awesome but it’s also fairly dangerous.

That makes sense, but why is my breaker constantly tripping?

There can actually be many reasons why you may keep getting a tripped breaker. In short, there are two primary causes:

A) And individual breaker could have worn out over time. And if this is the case we recommend hiring a certified electrician to get that replaced for you.

B) The second primary reason your breaker is breaking is because there’s an issue with the circuit its protecting.

The causes are legion, but typically we see tripped breakers when the circuit becomes overloaded.

How can I tell if my Breaker is bad?

Some warning signs of a bad breaker include:

  • A Breaker that won’t reset. No matter how many times you flip it.
  • A burning smell in the electrical box is a key indicator.
  • A circuit breaker that is constantly tripping without any readily apparent reason.
  • Scorch or other marks on the breaker itself.

How can I tell if my Circuit Breaker is Overloaded?

We get asked this a lot. And really it could be pretty simple to tell. Did your breaker trip and did you lose power after plugging in a new device?

Does your breaker seems to trip whenever something turns on in the house? Like for example it may be raining a lot and if you have a sump pump that turns on and a tripped breaker typically follows.

Are you aware of a lot of devices plugged in a single room or outlet? (Please don’t overload your outlets!)

All these reasons and more are typical causes of an overloaded circuit breaker. And the quickest fix is to lighten that circuit’s load.

And for these and all other causes of concerns with your circuit breakers we highly recommend contacting a trained, licenses, and insured electrician to make sure you’re all set!


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